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Code of Conduct

I aim to provide a high quality service and am subject to the same code of conduct as all driving instructors which includes:-


-Being professional, courteous, helpful & approachable to you at all times.

-Avoiding physical contact with you except in an emergency.

-Making every endeavour to be on time for everyone of your lessons.

-Recommending and using the latest training methods & materials to help you study for your theory and practical tests.

-Providing 1-1 training in the car, with no other learner in the car.

-Advising and recommending the appropriate time to apply for your Theory & Practical tests.

-Honouring the full time for your lesson & multiples thereof.

-Displaying my ADI whenever I am undertaking paid work (instruction)


As a driving Instructor I am subject to strict professional standards. My role necessitates courtesy and I will always display respect, helpfulness, politeness and except in circumstances beyond my control punctuality. I will at all times behave in a professional and ethical way towards you. My dual controlled tuition vehicle will always be smoke free, correctly insured, clean and tidy and properly maintained according to the manufacturer's service schedule.

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